Owner Builder

This information attempts to provide useful information to those owners who wish to perform or co-ordinate building work on your own property. As the controlling statutory body, The Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) is the only entity to issue an Owner Builder Permit. Phone 139 333  or visit http://www.qbcc.qld.gov.au/home-building-owners/owner-building/overview

When and why do I need an Owner Builder Permit?

In simple terms, when a person intends to renovate, extend, relocate or build a single residential dwelling and wants to carry out the work themselves.

– He/She must be the owner or joint owner of the property and be registered on the title deed.

– If the total value of the project does not exceed $6600.00 you do not need a permit.

– If the total value is more than $6600.00 but less than $11,000.00 you need a permit, but it is not necessary to do the owner builders course.

However if the total value of the project does exceed $11000.00 you are required to complete the mandatory course for owner builders. This can be carried out with an approved provider of your choice.

What constitutes the total value of a project?

In calculating the value of your project you must include the cost of all building materials and components plus the cost of having a licensed contractor carry out the labour content.

What do I do next?

Whatever your decision, you will need to have plans prepared by a licensed Building Designer. The level of detailing contained within your building design plans will be increased to ensure you are familiar with the building terms and construction sequences. You will need a soil test, contour and feature survey, engineer designed footing and slab, energy efficiency assessment and, if you are not in a sewered area, a site and soil assessment including effluent disposal and land application design.

McKDD are very experienced in providing the kind of additional advice and plan detailing required to ensure the documentation is matched with the building level knowledge of the Owner Builder.

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