Sustainable House

By considering energy efficient and sustainable house options and building choices into your home at the building design stage, you are not only making a decision that helps the environment and reduces your carbon footprint, but also improve the running costs your home.Water saving measures such as low-flow taps and fittings, water tanks for the garden, solar heating and power, reuse of waste water, selection of building products with low embodied energy, using non-toxic paints with low VOC emissions and installing bulk ceiling and wall insulation. You are also adding to value of your home and improving its future saleability by being ‘eco-friendly’.



We are qualified as Endorsed Sustainable House Building Designers and are proud to have been recognised as a past winner of the Best Energy Efficient and Sustainable House in the Building Designers Association of Queensland Regional and State Awards.


Tips for Sustainable House Construction (social sustainability, economic sustainability and environmental sustainability)

  •    Water Conservation including AAA rated showerheads and water tanks
  •    Natural heating and cooling using good passive solar design such as open plan and northerly orientation to maximize breezes and avoid western sun
  •    Energy and greenhouse efficient water heating by installing a solar, gas or electric heat pump hot water system
  •    Future proof to be readily converted for accessibility to accommodate your future needs as you get older
  •    Safe floors being slip and step free
  •    Address the street with easy to read house numbers and good external lighting
  •    Design your home with casual surveillance in mind to see the street and play areas from the main living areas
  •    Reduce the repair and ongoing maintenance costs by selecting the appropriate materials at the design stage
  •    Improve indoor air quality by avoiding material that contain volatile organic compounds (VOC) in paints, finishes and adhesives which can cause irritation, allergies and breathing and health problems
  •    Include outdoor covered entertainment areas closely linked to indoor living areas to maximize the Queensland climate.


Always take the time to consider sustainable house alternative design features when designing or renovating your home.